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A Wellness Rx Program



  • 20% of Medicare patients nationwide are re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days; 34% within 90 days
  • 2/3rd of Medicare patients discharged with medical conditions and 50% + of patients discharged after surgical procedures are re-admitted or die within 1 year of initial hospital discharge
  • Lower income patients are at greater risk for hospital re-admissions
  • Issues patients face after discharge now appear to be the #1 reason for hospital re-admissions



Safe Transitions is a pharmacist-led initiative to blend with other intervention efforts to help reduce hospital and mental health re-admissions.  The program begins with establishment of a complete Pre-Admission Rx Profile (includes OTC, vitamins and herbal medications) on patient for presentation to hospital staff.  Then a Pre-Discharge Rx Profile is completed upon consultation with all in-patient providers.  Option of bedside delivery of medications prior to discharge (30 day supply) is provided along with option of home delivery coordination with patient's personal pharmacy.  An initial home visit to complete Post-Discharge Coordination and preparation of a Patient Care Plan is made within 3 days of discharge.  The plan will include the scheduling of primary care follow-up visit, all other requested medical referral services and will ensure coordination of activities among assigned health care professionals, caregivers and family members.



$299 which is paid for by the patient, hospital or insurance carrier.  Any requested additional services will be coordinated and billed on a fee basis.  This may include follow-up visits beyond initial home visit, nutritional needs, travel needs, wellness or prevention services, safety repairs or Health Department requests, home maintenance or cleaning, new appliance education, 24 hour on-call service, counseling services or recreational/entertainment referrals.