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Chronic Pain-A Wellness Rx LLC. Report

Ed Ullmann - 10-Sep-2014
Facts: Download the PDF (/_literature_212714/Chronic_Pain) Pain comes in many forms: sharp, jabbing, throbbing, burning, stinging, tingling, nagging, dull and aching. Pain varies from mild to severe, can be constant or can come and go Acute pain is triggered by tissue damage and is designed to protect an individual from further injury. Chronic pain is persistent pain that continues after the injury is healed (six months or more). Chronic pain can be hard to diagnose 25% or one in..Read More

Lyme Disease - A Wellness Rx LLC. Report

Ed Ullmann - 10-Sep-2014
Facts: Lyme disease is an illness caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdoreri. It is spread to humans and animals by a certain type of “hard-bodied” tick that is carrying the bacterium (gram-negative spirochete bacteria). This Lyme bacteria can duplicate themselves rapidly and can hide from the body’s immune system by mimicking healthy cells. Lyme bacteria can also change forms to elude the immune system or antibiotics. When it is in “cyst” form it becomes..Read More

Lyme Disease: Presentation @ UCCC

Ed Ullmann - 16-Sep-2014
Presented at: Ulster County Community College on the evenings of: June 30th, July 2nd and July 7th of 2014 By Ed Ullmann of Wellness Rx LLC. Lyme disease has become serious business in Ulster County. By now, everybody knows someone who has been treated for a tick bite or someone living with chronic Lyme disease. It's an equal opportunity disease that strikes infants to seniors, all races, income levels and both sexes. Most people know that Lyme disease is a problem, b..Read More