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Health Co-Op Brochure Health Co-Op Brochure (1230 KB)

Wellness Rx's "Health Co-Op"


  • Create a unique program where members are encouraged to use prescription and OTC medications only when necessary and encouraged to explore alternative and natural healing options.
  • Demonstrate the shift of retail pharmacy revenue from a "product-centered" to a "patient-centered" business model.
  • Demonstrate how a local Health Co-Op can successfully develop inter-professional teams that work together to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while reducing health care costs.



  • Texting and E-mail communication
  • Insurance consultation and problem resolution
  • Free delivery service within a 5 mile radius of a Wellness Rx Center
  • Assignment of a Case Management Associate for members with special needs and homebound members.  Fee charges based on scope and duration of services rendered
  • Assistance with medication needs while traveling domestically and internationally*
  • Assistance with meeting Emergency medication needs for Members, their families or visiting friends*
  • Free consultation and assistance with medical referrals and referrals to local support groups
  • Free take-back of expired or unused Medication
  • $50 + transportation cost for in-home consultation for home bound members
  • 10% discount off our Safe Transitions Program designed to reduce hospital re-admissions



  • Free patient Health Assessment Questionnaire
  • Free distribution of Wellness Rx's patient health handouts and tools to increase medication compliance
  • Research on health care topics, treatment options and personal health challenges.  Fee charges based on scope and duration of services rendered*
  • 25% discount to any Co-Op endorsed health care lecture, training program or seminar (plus cost of any required material)
  • Free access to all on-site and Co-Op Support Groups



  • Basic Health screenings (free or at a discounted fee schedule)
  • $20 + actual cost for flu and pneumonia immunizations.  $30 for Shingles
  • $30 for a comprehensive Medication Profile Review (free if covered by member's insurance carrier)
  • 10% discount at an affiliated yoga, fitness center, dance or related exercise program
  • Discount schedule or special packages for services received from a growing network of affiliated Wellness Specialists including: Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Herbal Consultation and Acupuncture



  • 10% daily discount on all OTC medications, appliances, vitamins, whole food supplements, enzyme therapy and pet products (in-store and Wellness Rx's catalogue with over 3000 products)
  • 10% daily discount on all alternative and natural health products.  Member special product requests ordered within 2 days unless problem with availability



  • All member insurance companies accepted for prescriptions.  Members receive priority for dispensing of medications that are in short supply
  • For members with no insurance or high deductibles to be met:

         - $5 + actual cost of medications up to $50

         - $10 + actual cost of medications between $50 - $100

         - $20 + actual cost of medications between $100 - $500

         - $50 + actual cost of medications that exceed $500

         - Option of unit dose dispensing of medications



  • Monthly fee per individual of $10 ($25 per family).  Discounts for students, members on public assistance or special needs populations
  • Monthly fee paid by individual or their employer, insurance carrier or medical savings account
  • Members can cancel Co-Op affiliation at any time without penalty


* Excluding medication, mailing or telephone costs

(Benefits and pricing subject to change)