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Feature on John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi

March 8, 2020

An interview with John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi. One of our top products lines at Wellness Rx. John talks about how he became interested in mushrooms and gives us a deeper look into the health benefits of many different fungi.

Mountain Top Cares Coalition Local Resource Guide

March 1, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Wellness Rx is proud to announce the distribution of this Mountain Top Cares Coalition of Local Resources. The guide is a starting point with additions being added to reflect new and changing resources within Greene County and the surrounding regional community. The guide is the result of input from the many volunteers of the Mountain Top Cares Coalition that are committed to connect with people or families who are struggling with addiction or are in recovery and need a helping hand. Wellness Rx is proud to be part of this movement. Truth is, we are all in this thing of life together. The quarterback for the project was Gabby Gockel. Gabby was an intern at Wellness Rx studying to become a certified social worker (MSW). Gabby is an inspiring professional that also brought her light and skills to many other Mountain Top Care Coalition initiatives. If you are interested in knowing more about the Coalition contact them at mountaintopcarescoalition@gmail.com. Sincerely, Ed Ullmann Wellness Rx

Patient Assistance Fund

January 26, 2020

If you could help contribute to the fund this year, with any level of contribution, or know someone who could help, it would greatly be appreciated by Wellness Rx, our patients and students. Checks can be made out to the Wellness Rx Patient Assistance Fund and mailed to Wellness RX LLC 5980 Main St., PO Box 493, Tannersville, NY 12485. Or, you can make donations via the PayPal the button at the bottom of our page (credit cards accepted) or sending direct donations through PayPal to wellnessrxceo@gmail.com Please make sure to note *Donation to Patient Assistance Fund. Thank you!

Join Us On Our Journey

January 25, 2020

We are living in a very fragile world today. But “real people” are doing remarkable things to help mankind all around the world. We are doing our best to be part of this movement.

Returning to an Old Medicine- A Wellness Rx LLC Report

January 24, 2020

Health care today in America continues to disappoint. While we are spending close to 20% of our economy on health care, insurance premiums are back to double-digit increases, employee deductibles are at a record high and health outcomes remain unimpressive. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, life expectancy in the United States ranks a cold 36th among industrialized nations and many experts now agree that it will even decrease for the next generation of Americans.

Colloidal Silver- A Wellness Rx LLC Report

January 24, 2020

Without question, the most amazing thing that we have observed about colloidal silver is it’s powerful ability to kill all germs (bacteria; viruses & fungal) in a relatively short period of time. According to a report written by Richard Davies and Samuel Etis of The Silver Institute, silver ions appear to hold onto oxygen molecules and attach directly to cell membranes. This dual action interferes with the oxidation process of germs (cellular respiration) which, in turn, kills the germs and stops their reproduction.