Angie Firmalino

Angie Firmalino lives in the village of Tannersville, NY with her husband. They have raised 4 children together, with an 11 year old son still at home. She has been a resident of Tannersville for the past 22 years and is a very active member of her community.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Angie received a BFA in metalsmithing and worked as a jeweler and artist for many years, starting off as a bench jeweler in NYC, a goldsmith for Steven Kretchmer Designs in Palenville, and then on to start her own business as jewelry model maker. Due to health complications arising from a medical device, she can no longer work as an artist full time, but she still loves to be as creative as her body allows.  

She has worked as a USPS highway contractor since 2005, running a small local mail route in the morning, and also works as the Creative Director for the Wellness Rx Pharmacy in Tannersville NY, running their social media, building and maintaining their website, creating the store branding, and building and overseeing the store's online web store. She also does video production and editing for Wellness Rx's advertising, showcasing community partners, and social media platforms.

Angie loves to organize and lead, and plan events. She became a health care advocate over 10 years ago, after being harmed by the medical device Essure. Angie led the fight to get Essure off the market and was featured in the Netflix Documentary The Bleeding Edge. In 2015 Angie founded ASHES Nonprofit (Advocating Safety in Healthcare E-Sisters) and serves as the president of the board.

Angie also became a part of the board of the Mountain Top Cares Coalition nonprofit early in 2020, because of the strong need for addiction recovery and mental health services on the mountain top. Mental Health care is something close to her heart as one of her children suffers from metal illness. This is what drew her into becoming involved in the organization.  Angie runs the social media platforms for MCC, builds and maintains the website, and also runs the email campaigns.