Beth Rennig

Beth has been helping out in the store since April. She started out volunteering her time, and soon was brought on to the team as a consultant. She was assisting as creative director with Angie Firmalino and helping with a lot of the creative tasks including development of the soon to be launched web-store, the newsletter as well as many other projects. Beth helps out in the pharmacy where needed at Ed's direction, and seamlessly jumps right in to any task. Beth is now the Operations Manager at Wellness Rx.

Beth’s past business background includes manufacturing and medical devices.

Beth has deep connections with being of service. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, she helps people to safely and gently clear their biofield and connect more deeply into relaxation and where healing occurs more naturally.

Beth Rennig is a certified Reiki Master Teacher working with adults, children, and pets.

Her life’s work is to help others reach better health and wellness using the Reiki energy healing, sound therapy, as well as manifestation and intention setting, in a safe and supportive environment.

Beth lives near Windham with her family full time. Not natives, but like so many, they felt the call of the mountains and the peace and beauty of our area.

While navigating a successful career in a high stress sales position for a major medical company, Beth encountered the benefits of Reiki. Discovering a spiritual connection and deep  healing, she knew she found something that was to become a big part of her life.

A year later, she made a hard left and departed the mainstream corporate career and began a rewarding and grounded journey in the Healing Arts. Training first in Reiki healing energy, then moving into sound therapy using singing bowls. Beth helps people to find their center and reconnect to themselves through simple meditation. While holding space for them in a safe, supportive space. The body, mind and soul connect and heal when we feel safe, while the energy flows to where it is most needed to assist us.

Reiki is a gentle, healing and loving energy which can help to balance body, mind, and spirit. Reiki can help you let go of what is no longer serving you, and help guide you on new paths and simply being. To find out more about Reiki click here.

If you are ready to invite change and healing into your life, contact Beth to schedule a session.