Greg Madden

Greg brings decades of experience to Wellness Rx in working with the media as a journalist, marketing and public relations professional, branding manager, and an award winning sportscaster.  

Along with these responsibilities, he will also work and assist the development of programs that define and explore many potential markets in the capacity of Development Manager.  This will also lend itself to overall sales management and fundraising efforts for the popular “Wellness Rx Patient Assistance Fund.”

He also has a current and expanding Alternative Medicine Practice in “Biontology / BioPhoton Light Therapy”, “Tui-Na Chinese Medical Massage” and “TongRen Quantum Healing” (for more informations please see our Practitioners pages on the Resources tab at the top of the webpage) and will often be found in the Pharmacy assisting customers with Natural Remedies and Wellness Supplements.

Greg came into his second career a few decades ago from suddenly and violently becoming ill, and no medical team could diagnose the ailment. He then went on an unusual journey to heal himself and found a path that helps others to heal to this day.  Listed below are his two primary Healing modalities and he is soon to be certified in Tong Ren Quantum Medicine using the quantum field.  In 2015, he helped open and also practiced at the Xenia Wellness Center at the Xenia Resort in nearby Hunter, NY.

Tui-Na Chinese Medical Massage - This transformative therapeutic massage practice combines elements of many of the healing arts such as Acupressure, Reflexology, Reki, Chiropractic adjustment and many forms of asian massage.

Biontology/ BioPhoton Light Sessions -  Biontology is a European healing process that detoxes, neutralises and resets the body and healing begins immediately.  The “Cherin” uses cutting-edge technologies coupled with ancient acupuncture/ acupressure meridian theory to simply and painlessly restore the energy of healing (Chi) to the physical and emotional body.   Biontology is the next generation of Acupuncture without the needles.  This practice finds the root-cause of any symptom-producing malady and quickly neutralizes it by identifying the strength of the Biophotonic energy along the body's intricate meridian system while using homeopathic remedies transmitted through frequencies of light.  This assists you in raising the body's immune system, the key to your health. (