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Welcome to Wellness Rx and Pharmacy for the Public Good

We've introduced a groundbreaking nonprofit pharmacy model called "Pharmacy for the Public Good." With your support, we can help local communities preserve their essential pharmacy services. This innovative approach relies on donations, grants, and store revenue rather than struggling with prescription reimbursements. We're committed to sustaining our inaugural nonprofit pharmacy in Phoenicia, transforming Tannersville's Wellness Rx into a nonprofit, and extending this model to other communities. Let's work together to ensure essential healthcare services remain accessible in our towns and villages!

We've redefined the role of a community pharmacy in today's ever-evolving healthcare landscape. By seamlessly blending traditional pharmacy services with wellness initiatives, we aim to offer a patient-centric experience that prioritizes holistic well-being over a reliance on medication alone. We aspire to be an integral part of your health journey, fostering better overall health.