Wellness Rx Testimonials

Angelia Benjamin

I want to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me this summer. Not only has this opportunity allowed me to gain experience but I have also developed new knowledge in various areas.

Rash Treatment for potential Shingles

60 year old male who requested assistance to treat large rash.

50/50 Silver/Honey to treat wound

Burn treated with colloidal silver and honey

Wellness Rx After Bite treatment

After a sting bite, documentation of bite area after two applications of Wellness Rx After Bite.

Canker Sore Evaluation and Treatment

11 year old boy consults with pharmacist Ed Ullmann for canker sore treatment.

Eva Kovalik

Eva says, “Wellness Rx is wonderful! Since Ed has gotten his own place (Victorian on Main Street) in Tannersville, I feel at home. My God, I feel very much a part of everything here!"

Richard Brandt

"He's a special person, one of a kind. I have referred other people from Rosendale. I gave them my experience and tried to help them and do the right thing by referring them to Ed Ullmann."

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Lori Clinton-Holmquist: CBD Testimonial

As you know Ed, I was taking care of my mom and a couple of years ago I came to you about her anxiety.  You recommended the CBD oil, and one morning mom started one of her anxiety attacks.

Angie Firmalino: Elderberry Testimonial

This past winter, my husband and then my son, tested positive for the Flu, strain A within two days of each other. My husband hardly ever gets sick and even if sick, it doesn't normally stop him or slow him down.