Wellness Rx Testimonials

Angelia Benjamin

Dear Ed,          

I want to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me this summer. Not only has this opportunity allowed me to gain experience but I have also developed new knowledge in various areas.

Before this internship, I thought of a pharmacy as a place that simply gave individuals medications. Now that I have completed this internship I have learned that dispensing medication is such a slim portion of what our small mountain top pharmacy does for those in need. Not only does the pharmacy have an enormous impact on our community; but Ed, you are genuine, compassionate, and thoughtful in regard to each and every patient. This speaks volumes to those who depend on you. Your compassion and efforts to help patients does not go unnoticed and is inspiring to witness. Not only did I observe the workings of a well-established pharmacy, I also saw the beginnings and efforts towards becoming nationally recognized as a wellness center on the mountain top. Also- something school won’t teach you.

The knowledge and skills I have learned during this internship will not only help me strengthen the skills that are emphasized in nursing school (bedside manner, respectfulness, non-judgmental behavior, etc) but this opportunity has also taught me a set of skills that no amount of nursing school can teach. These various skills will make me a more well-rounded nurse and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. I will keep in touch and I am rooting for Wellness Rx, a name soon everyone will know!


Angelia Benjamin