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Lori Clinton-Holmquist: CBD Testimonial

As you know Ed, I was taking care of my mom and a couple of years ago I came to you about her anxiety.  You recommended the CBD oil, and one morning mom started one of her anxiety attacks.  Her anxiety would be quite severe, her mind would just shut down, no connection between her brain and her body.

So, I came to you, bought the oil, thank goodness you had just received it, went home and gave her a dose.  Within 15 minutes, she was calm, amazing, because the state she was in was a serious anxiety attack.  She realized it had worked because through out the day, as soon as she felt the need, I gave her another dose.  Mom was also diabetic. I noticed that after a few days, her sugar level was more under control, she needed less and less shots of insulin.  

She had an appointment with her provider, and I told him how I had cut down on her Lantis, to the point that for three days, she didn't need it first thing in the morning, that the CDB oil seemed to manage her sugar and her anxiety.  Unfortunate, her health care provider wasn't happy with that and told her that she couldn't just stop with the morning dose of Lantis.

So, my mom being old school and listening to a doctor, went back to the Lantis every morning. I continued to give her the oil for months.  Unfortunate her physical abilities worsened to the point she just couldn't stand up any more, and she wanted to go to a nursing home and her CBD doses stopped.  Her anxiety came back, along with depression and she was put on meds.  

Mom passed away 12-28-2019 due to complications of diabetes and congested heart failure, she was 85. I strongly recommend the CBD oil, I use it and it works, especially the dose I take before going to work, it does help with coping with the general public. Thanks for your knowledge and recommending this to me. ❤️ As soon as I get the time, I will come see you regarding mushroom tinctures.