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Eva Kovalik

Eva Kovalik

International Pianist, Julliard School of Music Faculty and Founder of Friends of Music.


Eva says, “Wellness Rx is wonderful! Since Ed has gotten his own place (Victorian on Main Street) in Tannersville, I feel at home. My God, I feel very much a part of everything here!"

Eva began playing the piano at 6, surprising her mom with her ability to play the music her mother played.

She graduated from Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, leaving there during The Rebellion. She played in concerts in Yugoslavia and  Italy, where she married her husband, then she played in Sweden and New York City. Eva is also a graduate of McGill University and Columbia University.

Eva taught at Juilliard School of Music, remaining on the faculty until retirement in 2018.

She and her husband moved in 1985 to Stamford, NY where her husband was the thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon at Stamford Hospital until it closed.

She lovingly founded Friends of Music, a series of yearly concerts that have featured many very talented students of Juilliard- the sweet sound satiating the hunger of the community for cultural classical music.

About ten years ago, she and her husband relocated to Tannersville where she continues to advise students and attend their recitals.

Recently a student decided it was time for her to do some recording of her music. She is deciding on pieces now.

Look for one of her recordings in the near future here on Wellness Rx website!