Wellness Rx Testimonials

Biontology for Migraine

Saturday afternoon, I noticed the warning sign that I was about to have a migraine. My preventative treatments failed to prevent it and it became a full blown migraine. I treated this with my usual migraine medications, but it was still lingering when I went to work Monday morning. My co-workers, concerned that they could see the level of pain and discomfort I was feeling, suggested I see Greg Madden for a Biontology session. I wasn’t sure if this would help a migraine, but feeling so much discomfort, I figured I didn’t have much to lose by giving it a try. 

Greg went through a general assessment with me and I began the session by simply holding one of the Biontology light sticks in each hand. I relaxed deeply while the light from the sticks moved through my hands, arms, and into my body. After a 40 minute treatment, I felt a little woozy afterward but that was short-lived and I was able to go back to work not long afterward. It was soon after the treatment that I acknowledged that I felt much better. Three hours later, I was feeling 90% better and well on my way to the migraine being gone. I would definitely have another session with Greg and the Biontology treatment. - Scott M. Pharmacist Wellness Rx