Patient Assistance Fund and Charitable Trust

Patient Assistance Fund and Charitable Trust

The Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund

In May of 2021, Wellness Rx entered into our sixth year as a local business and remains very proud of our success. Our Wellness Center continues to experience powerful stories of helping others in need, patient satisfaction is high, and our partnership with Albany College of Pharmacy continues to grow.

We remain especially proud of gaining the trust of our local community and providing assistance to second family homeowners, guests of local resorts/hotels/retreat centers, and our growing international and domestic tourist community.

Our blending of traditional pharmacy with natural medicine is emerging as an interesting story, especially for the profession of pharmacy. But, without question, our unique Wellness Rx Patient Assistance Fund (PAF) is our number one accomplishment. The fund is totally supported by individual donations, and helps patients in times of need.

The Patient Assistance Fund has no restrictions on how we use it to help our community members. We can use it to help with medication co-pays or costs, over the counter medications or products, vitamins, supplements, and other wellness related needs. There is, however, no tax deduction for donations to the Patient Assistance Fund.

If you could help contribute to the fund this year, with any level of contribution, or know someone who could help, it would greatly be appreciated by Wellness Rx, our patients, and students.

Checks for the PAF can be made out to Wellness Rx LLC (please note in the memo “Patient Assistance Fund”) and dropped off or mailed to:

Wellness RX LLC

5980 Main St.

PO Box 493

Tannersville, NY 12485

We also have a cash donation bowl on our pharmacy counter for easy donating at check out!

Wellness Rx Charitable Trust

In the summer of 2020, we were supported by Peter Swords in setting up the Wellness Rx Charitable Trust as a non-profit entity. We are happy to announce we have received IRS approval and considered an established trust, able to accept tax deductible donations.

Our Mission Statement 

“To provide immediate assistance to eligible community members and patients for physical and mental healthcare, shelter, nutrition, or other humanitarian needs.”

The TRUST FUNDS are used to help our community members and patients for the following services: 

  • Medical Services, i.e.

          -Urgent Care 

          -Physician Care

          -Mental health counseling

          -Alternative wellness therapy

                    *Medical massage


                    *Reiki and Energy Medicine

  • Emergency services, i.e.

           -Medical transportation




  • Health, Wellness and Nutritional Education


You can make donations to the Charitable Trust via PayPal using the QR code below.  On your smartphone scan the QR code and open the PayPal app or website.  Or sign into your PayPal and send to                



Or, checks can be made out to Wellness Rx Charitable Trust and dropped off or mailed to:

Wellness Rx

5980 Main St

PO Box 493

Tannersville, NY 12485

Thank you for your kindness and generosity! Ed Ullmann and the Wellness Rx Team.