Jason Elias of Integral Health Apothecary/ Five Element Healing

Jason Elias of Integral Health Apothecary/ Five Element Healing

Integral Health Apothecary/ Five Element Healing

Jason Elias

When did you start your journey into natural medicine?

Even as a very young child I played ‘doctor’ and would pretend treat my family and neighbors. My grandmother was an herbalist and I’d watch her make her herbal medicines and poultices in our Brooklyn kitchen.

What motivated you to commit your career to this endeavor?

I studied psychology and was well into my doctorate when the realization that often the way towards freeing the mind and emotional blockages could be found in the body, and studying in the late 1960s in California, I stayed on to study bodywork as a means to unlock deep seated emotions.

From there, I realized that mind and body were illusions, and supporting individuals energetically would be the way to synthesize the healing, and Chinese medicine had been doing just that for over 4000 years!

Tell us about your modalities of treatment.

I studied acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and western herbal medicine in England.

The art of blending herbs into formulas to address not only my patients symptoms but their constitution felt fulfilling and forever exciting.

My first three books dealt with healing and herbal prescription, and led me to believe that creating premixed herbs based on the prescriptions in my books would be the best way to reach many more individuals.

What were the early years like especially with you taking on Lyme Disease?

Lyme comes with the territory in the Hudson River valley, and working with hundreds of clients over many years gave me insights into treating Lyme disease by addressing the invading microbes as well as supporting the immune system and helping the body to detoxify.

What are you most proud about?

I just completed my fifth book. This one on aging. “The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging; How to Die Young, as Late in Life as Possible’

The more I write books and interact with my clients, the more I become aware that my healing work has deepened in its effectiveness and that I am feeling a greater visceral energetic connection to the client I am working with than ever before. Acupuncture is about breaking through physical and emotional blockages and “moving the energy” through the physical, mental, and emotional channels. Healing is about transmitting energy; there are various modes in your life that can deepen the practice of healing, whether it be meditation or learning new techniques—whatever makes you feel that you are more effectively in touch with the energy that may bring about self-healing.

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