Wellness Rx Homeopathic CBD Cream

Wellness Rx Homeopathic CBD Cream

CBD products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

During the past 24 months, Wellness RX has been investigating the fast growing CBD industry, especially the potential CBD oil holds as a therapeutic agent to promote healing. We have been investigating CBD oil as a separate tincture, as an edible, and as part of special blended formulas. A study of the CBD isolate oil (1000mg) was conducted with 20 patients ranging from 5 years old to 85 years old. The patients used the tincture, under their tongues, for a period of 60 days and were asked to complete a daily journal documenting real and perceived results. A pretest interview was completed with each patient before the study began, as well as a post-test interview at the end of the study to summarize the results. A summary of our findings from the investigation can be found at https://www.wellnessrxllc.com/post/cbd-study.

We recently commenced with a second investigation to test the effectiveness of our #1 CBD cream, on its ability to reduce inflammation and pain, while increasing joint mobility. A total of 12 patients were selected for inclusion in the study and each patient will be investigated over a 30 day period. The manager of the study is, intern, Michelle Thorpe, assisted by intern, Angelia Benjamin. Participants in the study are given the CBD cream to use twice a day according to the identified pain areas as well as 6 inches around the problem areas. Some study participants were provided look alike placebo cream and asked to use the cream on alternate days. The blended composition of the CBD cream came about after Observation evidence was received from over 500 patients that have used at least one of the ingredients for pain relief over the past 5 years.. The blended CBD cream includes the use of CBD isolate oil, curcumin essential oil (primarily used to reduce inflammation) and a special homeopathic base cream which includes arnica, belladonna, and diluted snake and lizard venom (reduces inflammation and breaks up fluid within the pain area). 

Study participants each will have an initial interview and be asked to rate every evening their pain level and mobility (scale: 1-5). Each patient has been asked to return the questionnaire weekly and to be a part of an end of study post interview. A special Wellness RX report will be documented with results of the study.

About our Homeopathic CBD Cream:

Our All Natural CBD Pain Relief Cream in a homeopathic base is intended to provide safe, soothing relief of acute or chronic joint, muscle or nerve pain.

Apply 2 to 3 times a day to affected area(s). For prevention, use before & after sports or other physical activities. For acute trauma injuries (sprain, strain, bruise & impact injuries), elevate the affected area, if possible, and apply ice or a gel pack for no more than 20 minutes at a time for the first 24-36 hours after the injury. Apply pain relief cream after cold treatment. For chronic conditions, apply pain relief cream to the affected area & 3 to 6 inches around the affected area.

The non-greasy cream is a blended formula of CBD Isolate Oil (132 mg. per one ounce of cream), curcumin essential oil & a special base of belladonna, diluted snake & lizard venom. The CBD oil & curcumin essential oil are primarily used to reduce inflammation.

Our All Natural CBD Pain Relief Cream is intended to work fast and to help support your body’s intrinsic, natural ability to heal, while addressing the cellular cause of joint, nerve & muscle pain.




Not for use on children under 2

Our cream is available in three sizes: 1 oz. $21.95, 4 oz. $59.95, and 16 oz. $189.00.