Wellness Rx Report: Hemp CBD Oil Study

Wellness Rx Report: Hemp CBD Oil Study


CBD products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. 

All information in this study is observational and Wellness Rx makes no health or medical claims. 


Objective: Hemp CBD Oil is the newest natural remedy to hit the mainstream market. Hemp CBD Oil is produced by extraction from hemp plants and contains over eighty compounds or cannabidiols. CBD is the most common extracted cannabidiol. Hemp is different from Cannabis, as it does not produce the psychoactive or “high” that the THC cannabidiol from Cannabis does.

Hemp CBD oil can be taken as an edible, inhaled as a vapor or taken as a sublingual tincture. Products can be pure CBD oil (isolate) or a mixture of CBD oil with other extracted cannabidiols (full or broad spectrum oils).

The source of the hemp plants is important to know, especially when trying to avoid pesticides. The final product make-up will determine bioavailability or the amount of active ingredient that enters the bloodstream. The higher the bioavailability, the less product is needed to achieve results.

CBD oil works primarily by calming down the brain and spinal cord. Hence, helping to stabilize neuro-inflammation in the brain and reduce overall neuro inflammation throughout the body. Reduced inflammation improves the immune system, increases body and mind detoxification and reduces pain. 

The goals for CBD oil treatment range from reduced sickness, improved relaxation and sleep quality, improved clarity of thought, enhanced energy, reduced body pain, reduced addictive urges and treatment of chronic conditions such as epilepsy, ADHD, manic depression, Alheimers disease and certain cancers.

While CBD oil is generally well-tolerated, and serious adverse effects are rare, it should be avoided or used with caution by high-risk groups such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants or patients at risk of psychosis. CBD oil is also a potent inhibitor of certain enzymes that metabolize about a quarter of all drugs.

Although over 250 different companies are now marketing CBD oil, little hard evidence has been produced to validate its effect in humans and animals. 

This controlled study of twenty patients was an attempt to address this issue.

Methods: In this study the participants were patients of Wellness Rx, a wellness center that blends traditional pharmacy with natural medicine. Participants ranged from age 6 to 82 and each presented symptoms that suggested benefits could be realized from CBD Oil use. 

The product used throughout the trial was pure CBD Oil from Pacific Cultivation. The CBD Oil was extracted from the Hemp plant by pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2), converted to a pure isolate crystal power and mixed into a clear & tasteless tincture. The product was certified as a pure CBD isolate (995.70 mg./g) by  ProVerde Laboratories. The final tincture provided a dosage of 33.33 mg. of CBD oil per 1.0 ml.


*All patients liked the presentation of the product with Rx label, all found the taste of the product excellent and all found under tongue administration of the product with measured glass dropper easy to use.

*Finding the right patient dosage (their “sweet zone”) is critical to success. With reverse tolerance (the more you use, the less you need), dosage can be pushed to allow each patient to experience benefits. Dosage can then be reduced. If a patient doesn’t experience benefits in a short period of time, they lose interest in the product.

*Number one benefit described by patients is a calming of the body/reduced stress (92% of participants) and better sleep (80% of participants). Second was improved brain health (90% of participants reported improved clarity of thought, concentration & short term memory). Third was reduced body pain. Fourth was using CBD Oil prior to an event that historically has produced or triggered anxiety/stress or panic. 

*Appetite stimulation or appetite reduction by CBD oil use was both reported by participants as a secondary benefit.

*Patients have observed few side effects from CBD Oil usage and CBD Oil has been shown to be very safe for children and seniors (two big growth markets).

*Body and Mind resulting detoxification from CBD oil usage should not be underestimated and patients must be aware of potential issues. 10% of participants experienced emotional detoxification.

*Number one indicator of success is a patients “perceived” or “real” ability to have improved coping skills. This leads to overall good outcomes (stress reduction, better sleep, more energy, better decision-making, improved brain health and improved confidence).

*CBD oil can increase the potency of a select number of prescription medications(3). One patient that was discharged from a hospital after heart surgery, was advised to discontinue use of CBD Oil while taking a calcium-blocker drug so that blood pressure wouldn’t fall too low.

*CBD oil does hold promise in helping patients remove or reduce daily use of both prescription (i.e. benzodiazepines, ambien & opioids) and OTC medications (i.e. ibuprofen).

*Three study participants were asked to experiment with both the pure Hemp CBD Isolate oil and a full-spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. All three participants expressed greater satisfaction with the pure Hemp CBD Isolate oil.

*Daily use of CBD oil appears to be needed by most patients to sustain positive benefits. The exception seems to be for patients only using CBD oil for specific situations that often produce problems (personal “triggers”) or for sleep/bad dreams when needed.

*As CBD oil use becomes more mainstream and objective research increases, the benefits of reduced body inflammation & body detoxification will start to demonstrate potential therapeutic benefits for patients. This will include the arena of wellness (improved immune systems; less sleep deprivation; lower cortisol levels), chronic diseases (i.e. allow more insulin to enter cells to reduce glucose levels for diabetics , or improved management of high blood pressure), mental and behavioral health challenges (i.e. ADHP; obsessive-compulsive disorder; PTSD; autism; depression; addictions) and public health challenges (i.e. technology induced anxiety; dementia; Lyme disease; certain cancers).


The use of high-quality Hemp CBD oil by motivated patients can clearly produce positive benefits in a short period of time with few side effects. 

The high percentage of participants reporting sustainable reduction in stress level (better coping skills; more at ease; improved sleep and more energy), improved brain health (improved clarity of thought/concentration/short term memory), reduced body pain and inflammation, reduced sickness and lasting benefits from emotional detoxification was extraordinary.

The reported success of participants did not appear to be related to age, sex, education, culture or background. 

The need to find the right CBD dosage for patients or the need to optimize one’s therapeutic use is critical to success and requires experimentation. The ultimate goal is to administer consistent, measurable doses of CBD oil with few side effects. 

Different from drug therapy where high doses often produce better benefits with greater side effects, CBD oil appears to be well tolerated at higher doses without greater side effects. However, higher doses doesn’t always mean better results and will only add to the cost of administration. Higher doses can also increase the potency or effectiveness of certain prescription medications that could produce serious side effects.

This study clearly supports the increased research of CBD oil as a low-cost therapeutic option for improving patient outcomes while reducing total health care costs.

Interesting Case Studies:

*17 year old male patient having tough time in school. Acting out, insular, GI issues, poor concentration. High risk family background. After two days of usage, mother observed success. After four days, the patient experienced strong emotional detoxification for over two hours. Day five, the mother said she had her son back.

*71 year old female patient had sleeping and muscular issues. High sensitivity to drugs or natural products (CBD oil dosage was reduced).  After a week of usage, the patient experienced reduced anxiety, better sleep and a profound reduction in muscular inflammation (was able to hold a pen and write letters again).

*26 year old female with two small children recently relocated to Tannersville. Came into the pharmacy very stressed and said that her old doctor would no longer prescribe Xanax for her. Provided CBD Oil as part of our Patient Assistance Program. After one week of usage, the patient came back to the pharmacy a totally new person (happy, facial relaxation, calmness) and never made mention of needing a Xanax prescription.

*Six-year old male diagnosed with ADHD and on Ritalin remained withdrawn, agitated & continued to have major trouble at school. Local primary care mid-level professional removed Ritalin after patient started to show positive effects from daily CBD oil use (0.5 ml. three times daily). Within one week of Ritalin removal, patient gained 2 & 1/2 pounds and started to become more engaged in life and experienced better concentration at school. When patient missed CBD doses, old behavior began to reappear. After 3 weeks of use, patient had a set-back and experienced old behavior. Suspended from school and placed back on an extended-release Ritalin medication.

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