Wellness Rx Report: Healthcare Today

Wellness Rx Report: Healthcare Today

Healthcare in America

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Executive Summary

What is happening to our Healthcare System in America these days?

In seven modules, Ed Ullmann examines the history of our healthcare delivery service, where it is today and offers ideas and strategies for tomorrow.

Module One - “Healthcare Today” - Ed offers a historical perspective of our healthcare system

through his 48 years of professional experience in the field and his observations and reflections

during the COVID-19 pandemic and asks, “How did we get to where we are today?”

Module Two - “Shortages in Healthcare Providers” - With an ever increasing and growing

need for care, especially in an aging population, where will the future healthcare workers come

from and what can we do to keep those already in the critical positions?

Module Three - “Are We Getting Our Money's Worth?” - Can we afford to continue spending

18% of our nation's wealth for quality wellness and healthcare services? This is now 100% more

than we spend on education and military costs each year and double the cost for most industrial

nations, the biggest cost for health services of any of the other countries worldwide.

Module Four - “Tensions in Healthcare” – Employer / Employee / Government / Providers /

Insurers / Investors - Who shoulders the cost of our families’ health care and how much of that

cost should each share? (Ed breaks down these numbers and asks, how do we help our

veterans and senior citizens?)

Module Five - “Hard Questions” - Should healthcare services be considered a Basic Human

Right? Ed digs deep into areas that are sensitive for many and for the good of all Americans

from his decades of experiences in healthcare.

Module Six - “Moving Forward with Improved Access to Care” - Ed turns the focus in this

series to how we can make impactful changes in wellness and healthcare going forward and

build on what already works.

Module Seven - “Managing Healthcare Spending” - Ed concludes his series on Healthcare in

America offering affordability models and discussing ways to challenge those who create our

current systems and our policy makers for the good of Tomorrow’s Kids.

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Healthcare or Health Care?

Healthcare: the business, institution, or activity offering medical services

Health care: efforts made to support or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being

especially by trained and licensed professionals to individuals