Judi Ryan, Naturopath, Owner of Stirred Water Herbs

Judi Ryan, Naturopath, Owner of Stirred Water Herbs

Judi Ryan

Stirred Water Herbs 

Judi Ryan is a Clinical Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath, and Iridologist. 

Stirred Water Herbs is focused on serving and caring for its customers.

307 Old South Durham Hwy Acra, New York





Tell us about your story of becoming a Naturopath, what inspired you to seek this path? 

As the mother of 9 children I wanted something better for my children. I was always in the doctor's office with sniffles, sore throats and other issues not finding an end to it all. I began looking into preventative care and met a Naturopath. The impact that the herbal care had on my family was very significant, especially with autoimmune and endocrine issues. I was impressed with how well they worked and how my family was healthier than ever before. Thus began my hunger to learn about it for myself. It has not ended as I continue to study as there are always new things to learn.


What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic Doctors are trained specialists in a separate and distinct healing art which uses non-invasive natural medicine. Trained in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, counseling, dietary evaluations, nutrition, herbology, acupressure, flower essence, essential oils, muscle relaxation and structural normalization, homeopathy, oxygen therapy and thermal therapy. Some practitioners are also trained in additional specialties such as acupuncture or natural childbirth.


How has your spiritual life impacted your role as healer? 

My spiritual life has greatly impacted my role as a healer. I believe God made all things with a purpose. The purpose in botanicals is for our healing. I am in awe daily as I see His hand at work though the plants in healing the body.


Tell us about your experience with Lyme Disease? 

My experience with Lyme Disease started when my 14 year old daughter became crippled with pain in her joints from lyme and could not function in life. The medical doctor I was working with at the time did not believe it was lyme, even though I saw the rash but she did not, and would not test her. Thus began my journey of helping her naturally. I began to read mountains of books on herbs for lyme and study for the next 6 years. Since I have seen the herbs help many people, including everyone in my own family (me included) to be pain free, sometimes symptom free and function again in life.


What is your educational background?

 I have studied in many places. I started with a basic herbalist course with Natural Solution Training Institute- 6 months, Trinity School of Natural Health 5 years- Naturopath and Iridogist, Naturally Healthy 10 years– Shonda Parker- Clinical Herbalist, Women’s Health educator, Family Health Educator, Northeastern School of Botanical Medicine under 7 Song- Herbal First Aid. ZRT Labs- Hormones for 10 years I have classes with them and Continuing education credits.


Where do you source your herbs and materials? 

My sources for my store are good quality at a low price. I try to research products and stand behind the products I sell. I won’t sell something I would not give to my own family.  The tinctures, glycerites- sweet based for kids, and liniments I make come from Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier, Star Botanicals and my own backyard whenever I can find the time to harvest my own.


Who makes your products, and where are they made? 

I use many companies as well as me making my own.


Tell us about the different products you offer and their benefits. 

The products we have vary. The shelves are organized by body systems. So if you have digestive problems you can look at that shelf to see what is offered for those issues. We carry probiotics-refrigerated, allergy supplements, supplements, for lyme, vitamins, minerals, digestive supplements supportive for IBS, nervous stomach, ulcers and many more.

What are your top sellers, and your personal favorites?

Our top sellers are:

Seasonal Allergy by Nature's Sunshine: for bronchial, respiratory support, and cuts mucous

Nerve Calm: My own formula to help with anxiety and inner calm

Adrenal Assist: For adrenal Fatigue, physical and mental endurance

Hot Spot: My own formula for pain and inflammation in the joints.

Burbur-Pinella: Detox formula and for brain fog caused by lyme

Banderol-:Antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral

Emulsi-D: A good vitamin D is important, this one is highly absorbable and very effective to elevate those low D levels.


We also offer saliva hormone testing through ZRT labs and Ion Cleanse foot detoxes.

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