Rash Treatment for potential Shingles

Rash Treatment for potential Shingles

Shingles Patient

Last week, we were visited by a 60 year old male who requested assistance to treat a large rash. It extended from his back, around the belly and below his belly button. The rash was cherry red with raised blisters throughout. With limited funds and no health insurance to see a doctor, he requested help. Ed, the pharmacist, reviewed with the man the events that could have produced the rash, with the highest probability being a shingles breakout. He expressed to Ed how grateful he was to receive some guidance and suggestions for treatment.

Day 1 -  He began a course of treatment to soothe and encourage his body into a natural healing process. Soaking the rash in a Burow's solution, intending to reduce itching and to provide a calming to the redness. Pharmacist Ed Ullmann prepared a custom blended salve of Topricin homeopathic cream, comfrey ointment, arnica and calendula. The patient applied this 3 times a day after each treatment of Burow's solution. All the while, checking  himself for fever or any changes in symptoms.

On day 3, he returned and confirmed excellent results with reduced itching, reduced pain, reduced redness, and with only 1 blister lesion breaking. He began to apply colloidal silver ointment to the one blister area that broke, all other areas began to subside and were producing a scaling-like surface. The rash below the belly button (which 2 days before was cherry red) morphed into a deep purple - a phase of healing with no blisters! Relieved, he continued with no fever, limited pain, and a tightness in the damaged area (appeared to reflect the movement of skin). Continuing with his care, he used the blended salve, astringent & colloidal silver ointment while also starting on elderberry tonic. Elderberry is an antiviral and a quick immune booster. 

On the 5th day, he let us know he made excellent progress in reducing the pain, itching, and healing of the blisters, aided by the addition of the elderberry tonic! The crusted areas that were seen 3 days earlier had dissolved or left the wound area altogether. The man was  thankful and showed how the damaged areas were reduced in size and were now dark red in appearance, reflecting a deep internal healing. 

We’ll continue to offer follow up and support while he heals! 

*All parts of this patient’s treatment were funded by the Patient Assistance Fund