Patient Consultations are our Number One Focus

At Wellness Rx, consultations are at the top of the list of our patient care priorities. Not everyone needs to speak with our pharmacy team, but personalized consultations are the strength and foundation of how patient centric pharmacies, apothecaries and drug stores help their clients to fully understand what their doctors have prescribed for them.

For many minor maladies and illnesses, our valuable and highly educated medical professionals are the perfect initial primary care option for you and your family, often helping get what is needed immediately, or proper referrals to get you the very best care.  In any medical emergency situation, always dial 911 for immediate assistance or dial 988 (starting mid-July 2022) for immediate mental health care.

Wellness Rx Pharmacy understands how overburdened the healthcare system is, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we take particular pride in our process to explain to our patients as to what they have been prescribed and answer every question they have.

You could say that our best Rx at Wellness Rx is to listen and be patient with our patients.  We excel at this process and it is the core of our patient total care protocol.

“Doctors today have little time to explain everything in complete detail and answer all the questions our patients have without falling behind in their demanding schedules,” said Ed Ullmann, chief pharmacist at Wellness Rx.  

He continued, “our Doctorates in Pharmacy help us, to help you and your families to know what medications you are taking to make you your healthiest and to check your pharmaceutical profile for potentially harmful drug interactions.”

What makes a consultation at Wellness Rx most helpful, meaningful and effective is our interaction with you.  Simply put, communication is the primary and key ingredient we blend into helping you regain your ultimate health.  

“First, we listen to you to gather all the pertinent information regarding your health issues, noting relevant concerns and interests.  It is important that both of us completely understand your situation with thorough and directed communication,” said Ullmann.

“Next, we go through a systematic and detailed query process to learn more about what ails you. This allows our pharmacy professionals to meet our clients where you are. To drill down into your medical concerns by using our experience and education to ask poignant questions and find the answers, and the medical advice you need for your wellness program,” said Julia Abrahamson, Wellness Rx Pharmacist.

She continued, “and finally, we’ll want to know what medicines you have already taken to see if they work in harmony with each other.  We may also suggest ways to fortify your diet which can be enhanced or modified to help you reach your wellness goals. In some instances, we will partner with you to reach back to your medical team and doctors to offer you the most thorough care.”

Wellness Rx feels that our patient consultations are important enough to set aside four separate locations within our facility (five in the warm weather on our wrap around porch).  They range from a quick short interaction at the pharmacy sidebar, to a living room-esque alignment for longer patient meetings (and room for your loved ones) and other sites are available if privacy is required.  Most pharmacies barely have one location to consult with you and rarely are they private to discuss delicate medical issues.

We encourage patient consultation at any time via walk-in without appointment, but when we are busy, our pharmacist will gladly set up an appointment for a private consultation with you.

Wellness Rx and Pharmacy for the Public Good is currently developing a state of the art center for human development, where we will include many levels of patient case management.

Our websites have plenty of great information for your review and special reports or please call us at (518) 589-9500 or via email to