The Boy and the Boy King

The Boy and the Boy King

Wellness Rx is proud to announce the launch of a beautiful book, The Boy and the Boy King, written by local authors George H. Lewis and Arthur D. Lubow. We will have copies of the book available in our pharmacy and in our online store on the release date 12/2/20.


The Boy and the Boy King, published by American University in Cairo Press, is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble ,, and on our webstore.


Mark your calendar: Dec. 2, 2020

Meet & Greet the authors of "The Boy and the Boy King"

Please join the authors for a lunchtime launch of their book LIVE on Facebook, this Wednesday, December 2 at 12 noon:

About the Book

A boy and his stuffed bunny gaze at a star-lit New York cityscape. The great Sphinx of Egypt sleeps. A child swings joyously across a river. This book offers a tantalizing glimpse of the adventures of Arthur and his imaginary friend, Bun-Bun. Together they travel through the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum to another time and place and befriend the lonely boy king, Tutankhamun.

About the Authors

George H. Lewis is a British-born painter, healer, and artist. His paintings have been hung in museums and galleries around the world. The Boy and the Boy King, which he illustrated and co-wrote, is his first book to be published. George hails from Cornwall, England and now lives in New York City.

Arthur D. Lubow loves creativity and working for just causes. In addition to stories, he writes songs and makes videos. He works in New York City to help to change the world for the good. The Boy and the Boy King is his first picture book.