Feature on Hudson Valley Skin Care

Feature on Hudson Valley Skin Care

Hudson Valley Skin Care

Where Indulgence Meets Affordability

At Hudson Valley Skin Care we believe everyone deserves natural skin and hair care products that are luxurious and affordable.
Our products are always free from:
parabens, silicone, palm oil and sulfates
We never test on animals, and all of our products are locally made.

Cathie Arpino & her husband Glenn are the founders of Hudson Valley Skin Care. They are located in Pleasant Valley. They are wonderful people with a wonderful story of how they started the company.

"Glenn is a compounding pharmacist. He worked for Orentreich Medical Group making skin care products when we met in 1993. I was a cosmetic chemist working in the skin care business. We had a mutual friend who arranged a blind date and we married 1 year later. We moved up to Dutchess County in 1997 so that we can have a family (2 girls). I went back to school to become an RN and worked as a nurse for quite a few years. Glenn started Dermasave Labs in 2001, a compounding pharmacy. In 2008 his multiple sclerosis started progressing, so I quit my job and joined the company. Glenn's pharmacy specialized in women's health, so many of our customers started asking for natural skin care products. Since we both had a background in that we started making products. Hudson Valley Skin Care was born in 2013. I am from Long Island and Glenn from Mahopac but have been up here since 1997.
We make everything with our staff of 8 in Pleasant Valley, NY.  We try to use as many local ingredients as we can such as goats milk,honey, oats, beer , coffee , maple syrup. Most of our ingredients are organic and we source them from all over the world. Such as organic shea butter from Ghana, argan oil from Morocco! Our target audience seems to be 35-50 year old women. Both of us think our foot cream is our favorite product!!
Our products are very simple formulations, we try to use as many organic ingredients as we can. We try to keep the chemical load down also. We make a lot of soap and donate to our local food pantries through Dutchess Outreach. During the first 2 months of the COVID-19 crisis our small group produced 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer!!!! We donated these to different organizations in our community such as Dutchess Outreach, The Red Cross, Vassar Hospital, Sparrows Nest, the Grace Smith House, Cardinal Hayes Home for Children,local grocery stores, Arlington School Lunch. Also anyone in the community that wanted a free one could stop by. We have always provided organizations in our community with products, We usually donate about 100 gift baskets a year to local charity fundraisers. The people of this community have been so good to us we feel it is our obligation to do what we can as a small business."
-Cathie Arpino

Check us out on the community partners page! https://www.wellnessrxllc.com/community-partners/hudson-valley-skin-care