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Wellness Rx Charitable Trust 501(c)(3)
-Donations Tax Deductible-

Edward A. Ullmann, Chief Pharmacist, and CEO announces that the “Wellness Rx Charitable Trust” has been approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax-deductible contributions. The Charitable Trust is another way that Ullmann and his team can help those in need, in addition to the existing Patient Assistance Fund (PAF).

“This is exciting news for our Mountain Top Community. This Trust will allow all of our patients to have equal access to health and wellness services and emergency aid,” said Ullmann.

Wellness Rx Pharmacy has operated on Main Street in Tannersville, NY since 2015 with Ullmann at the helm.  Several years ago, Ullmann and the Wellness Rx team noticed the need for assistance and responded by creating the Patient Assistance Fund (PAF). According to Ullmann, “the PAF represents the best of us”. It began as a way to offer help to those in need, and cannot be without medications. Ullmann also notes that “many of those that donate to the PAF have been beneficiaries at some point. They never forgot that help was there when they needed it and chose to pay it forward”.

Last summer, Ullmann was approached by Peter Swords who offered his time and expertise to help Wellness Rx expand the mission of being of service to others. The result was to expand their giving, by setting up a charitable trust. As of February 27, 2021, the Wellness Rx Charitable Trust is recognized by the IRS as a public charity. Donations are exempt from federal taxes under the IRC section 501(3)(c). Donations given will be for services such as mental health or nutritional counseling, emergency food, housing, and/or transportation.

The Patient Assistance Fund will remain, and though not approved for tax-deductible donations, is still a vital service for those needing help subsidizing the cost of medications, supplements, first aid items, or other health and wellness supplies. Ullmann stated, “We started off with the Patient Assistance Fund and have expanded to our Charitable Trust which gives us more ways to help others. Donors can choose which charity they wish to contribute to in order to help others,” continued Ullmann. “The Trust has a set of guidelines for usage, where the Patient Assistance Fund does not, and is used to help patients with the cost of their medications if not covered by insurance, co-payments, emergency care & recommended wellness products .”

Fund manager, Beth Rennig, added “this is just the beginning of something that could be a huge boost to a rural community lacking vital services such as mental health support. I believe that we all have moments in life that are challenging and sometimes even traumatic. Too often, economic status prohibits many Americans from connecting with professionals that could help them, right when they need it most. Personally, I have had several challenging points in my life, which without a talented professional, I’m not sure I could have successfully worked through. With their help, I gained wisdom, learned from mistakes, and healed myself. I chose to volunteer for this role as there is so much we can do as a community to help one another. We have seen so much compassion for others during this pandemic. Now, is a time to be creative, come together, and help those most vulnerable to the challenges of this pandemic.”

We feel that our mountaintop community has been a place of deep reverence and connection for community, nature, and wellness. Over the past several years, the energy has grown bigger and brighter, helping groups like ours to realize more of the goodness that exists within us and all around us,” Ullmann concluded.

For more detailed information on the two charities and how to donate to either, please visit our website. https://www.wellnessrxllc.com/post/patient-assistance-fund

There are two ways to make a tax-deductible donation to the Charitable Trust. Checks can be made payable to Wellness Rx Charitable Trust and dropped off at 5980 Main Street or mailed to PO Box 493, Tannersville, NY 12485, or you can donate using the button below.

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