Non-profit pharmacy opens in Ulster County By John Camera

Non-profit pharmacy opens in Ulster County By John Camera

Non-profit pharmacy opens in Ulster County

By John Camera Ulster County

PUBLISHED 8:44 AM ET Apr. 11, 2023

Wellness Rx's Pharmacy for the Public Good is breaking new ground as a wellness center and a place for everyone, regardless of income level, to receive treatment and care from a non-profit pharmacy and not a corporate one.

The idea of a not-for-profit pharmacy came from Hudson Valley native Ed Ullmann, who says that more communities in New York are facing health care and pharmacy deserts, which are areas that are lacking a local pharmacy or health care facility. He says there’s need for more pharmacies like the one in Phoenicia.

He wants the pharmacy to be embedded in the community they serve and concerned more with the well-being of their customers rather than making money.

“The communities didn't ask to get rid of their pharmacies," said Ullmann, the executive director of Pharmacy for the Public Good. "The economics of consolidation of power in the hands of few has led to that. And now we have a chance to level the playing field.”

State Senator Michelle Hinchey, on hand for a ribbon cutting, said that officials in Albany can be doing more to cut down on pharmacy deserts and support efforts like this.

“Something that I'm really excited about is working closely with Ed, as we have been keeping in communication," she said. "Working closely with and seeing what it is that they need and seeing the types of grant programs that we should be elevating to actually bring in a deeper, stronger health care systems into our rural areas.”

Ullmann says the pharmacy is not stopping in Phoenicia. Within the next 18 months, he will look to open another community-based, non-profit pharmacy in New Lebanon in Columbia County.

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