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September 2023 Newsletter

September 1, 2023

Welcome fall, back to school, and all the mushrooms! Read about parasite cleanses and mushroom hunting in this months newsletter.

A Small Town Pharmacy With a Big Heart

August 2, 2023

Upstate New York pharmacy has a revolutionary model for the community to take care of its own people's health

August 2023 Newsletter

August 1, 2023

Welcome to August in the Catskills! So much to do and see. An update on the state of independent pharmacy in America, and what we are doing to try to save it!

July 2023 Newsletter

July 1, 2023

Summer has arrived and the 4th of July is here! Welcome to summertime!! Topic this month: Social Wellness, our acupuncturist is back for the summer, and celebrating our summer intern!

June 2023 Newsletter

June 1, 2023

Welcome back to the great outdoors! Learn about forest bathing and how to reconnect to the earth. June is PRIDE month! We celebrate everyone's individuality. Your Gut as Gatekeeper, by Yael Bernhard.

Transforming Pharmacies into Nonprofit Entities | Edward Ullmann, R.PH., MPA

May 30, 2023

In this episode, we host Ed Ullman, CEO of Wellness RX, who sheds light on the struggles of independent pharmacies. He proposes transforming for-profit pharmacies into nonprofit entities, focusing on community well-being and sustainable operations.