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Wellness Rx Report on Stress and Anxiety

May 24, 2021

In today’s troubling times, the handling of stress and anxiety has become the number one challenge for most Americans. Our experiential evidence at Wellness Rx is reflective of what is happening here in the Northeast. Our patients are dealing with levels of the unknown, never before experienced around the globe, and it is hitting home now. In an attempt to support our community, we offer this comprehensive report to offer ways to identify and offer paths to living and managing how we can interact with stress and stress filled situations.

Antibacterial & Antiviral Herbs and How To Use Them

May 23, 2021

Before using antibacterial or antiviral herbs, it is suggested that you consult an herbal medicine guide or herbalist for exact dosing instructions. Your body is unique and your specific needs will likely be unique as well.


May 23, 2021

Fungal (yeast) infections are one of the most common ailments experienced by individuals. While most people are aware of fungal sinusitis and the tinea family of fungal infections (tinea versicolor (discolored patches on the skin) & ringworm infections (athlete’s foot; jock itch; scalp; nail & body (red, circular lesions with raised edges), this paper will examine fungal infections caused by the yeast Candida. 

Wellness Rx Report on Shingles

May 22, 2021

WELLNESS RX REPORT: SHINGLES Facts: *After an individual has been exposed to the varicella virus through chickenpox or via vaccination, the virus remains dormant in the dorsal root ganglia of a nerve. Herpes Zoster (HZ) or shingles is caused by the reactivation or release of this varicella zoster virus. *According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are over 1 million cases of shingles in the US each year and 1 out of 3 people will experience shingles in their lifetime. Cases of shingles have increased significantly during the COVID epidemic primarily due to accumulated stress.

Wellness Rx Report: Hemp CBD Oil Study

May 20, 2021

We are proud to introduce to you our unique CBD oil that has been extracted by pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) from hemp plants grown on Colorado farms. The farms do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the growing process. The extraction from the hemp plants produces a pure isolate crystal powder which is then mixed with the organic delivery carrier MCT oil (caprylic triglyceride). MCT oil is extracted from coconut and palm oil and is used as an energy booster. Each 30 ml. of our clear oil contains 1,000 mg. of pure CBD oil (33.3 mg. per 1.0 ml. dose) and the oil has been certified by an independent laboratory to contain this amount and to be free of all contaminants. As a research center, we completed a controlled study of 20 patients over a 60 day period to evaluate the success of our CBD oil.

A Wellness Rx Report: Observational Hemp CBD Cream Study

May 20, 2021

In an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of it’s new Homeopathic CBD Pain Cream on patients diagnosed with chronic pain, Wellness Rx tested the effects on sleep, muscle and joint pain, pain management, mobility, and stress.