Wellness Rx Testimonials

Angie Firmalino: Elderberry Testimonial

This past winter, my husband and then my son, tested positive for the Flu, strain A within two days of each other. My husband hardly ever gets sick and even if sick, it doesn't normally stop him or slow him down.

Well, this flu took him DOWN! I have never seen him so sick in my entire life. He was literally sleeping 12-14 hours a day for over a week. It was a horrible flu. My son was extremely sick as well, high fever and vomiting. When my son was diagnosed I immediately started myself on the Elderberry syrup from Wellness Rx.

I was taking one teaspoon twice daily. I was taking care of two very sick family members, washing their clothing, blankets, cleaning up vomit, cleaning their dishes and glasses, in other words, I was EXPOSED to their germs up close and personal. I did NOT contract the virus!

This was my first time ever using Elderberry to boost my immune system and try to prevent catching a virus. I truly believe it helped me ward off catching the flu, and I now have my entire family on Elderberry and a variety of other immune boosting products recommended by Wellness Rx during this very scary Corona virus pandemic. I have faith that keeping our immune systems healthy and following the CDC's recommendations concerning COVID-19, that we have a stronger chance at protecting ourselves from contracting, or at the very least we have a better chance and stunting the illness should we contract the virus.