All that we Miss, a poem by Carl Bester

All that we Miss, a poem by Carl Bester

All that we Miss 

The sun filters through the forest canopy. Exploding warmth and life to the denizens down below. The plant sucks up its energy like a vacuum. Erupting as the energy is freed from the fragile blooms it created. The colors of the rainbow do no justice to this fresco of nature. Every shade a nuance of it's brother...sister. The shadows that reflect this abundance of hues fluctuate...dominate. The light giving way to darkness illuminates the unseen. Only the tiniest creatures observe this landscape...looking up as we look down. 

We don't look beyond what our eyes see. We explore those things that interest us...but miss everything else. The ant dragging the leaf a thousand times bigger than itself. The bee flitting from bloom to bloom collecting nectar. The bird singing it's song loudly for it's mate...potential mate. The chipmunks scampering from limb to limb as they chase each other playfully. The worm inching it's way slowly across a an eternity it seems. 

Voraciously eating away as if time will stop. The butterfly it will spawn will amaze and bewilder. 

The beetle peppered with black and red spots as it alights on a wild raspberry...disappearing as if the crimson of its fruit absorbs it. The apt a name. Let it fly away and your wish may be granted...or so I was told. The bright orange gecko smaller than my thumb flits quickly between the underbrush. Obscured and then not, as it raises it's head to observe. I wonder it sits immobile on the moss. The moss bright in it's verdigris is soft to the touch. 

The trees, shrubs and plants fight for their place in the canopy. The flower's so vibrant you have to pause and look at them. Each one so unique in design one must wonder if another force has its hand in their creation. The color's so vivid like in a dream. The display of green so vast it's astounding. The array of shapes infinite in design. The simplicity of it all so complex and infinite. The riverbed so calming as the water flows through the multitude of blue stone. Waterfalls cascade in turmoil into small pools as they continue into the vast waterways. 

Nature so strong...powerful carves out it's path. No obstacle to stop it as it winds over and under. It's incredible to watch...admire...take in. We are so minuscule in this world. We are lost in nature's grasp as it should be. We need to stop...we need to pause...we need to see!!! 

Copyright Carl Bester 2019