SIMPLE, a poem by Carl Bester

SIMPLE, a poem by Carl Bester


With all the beauty around us that we take for granted...we should look up and absorb it all. Time like our lives is precious. It's not endless. It's not impermeable. It's fleeting...constantly in motion. The life that we do not reflect on is lost before we can regain it. The time we spend looking past all that surrounds us is wasted. 

Nature is infinite, yet fragile...just as we are. We forget that most important part of actually live. Live every moment like it's your last. We get so caught up in our mundane day to day lives...we don't stop to appreciate what we are We hide behind our stories and our so called pain caused by all in our lives. When we should be out in the for every challenge. Ready for all that life puts in our path...that we always seem too busy to appreciate. 

The challenges are replete in our lives if we let them become a part of us. Why do we push back so hard's simple. 

Just live...really live...don't regret. Love every moment, love every ourselves. Take all that hatred and throw it out of your's too short. Love the people in your life that have love to give. Love those people unconditionally...perpetually. Love the world around you...let it lead you. Let it light your path. The loss we feel is real... it just so happens we don't look at it until we lose's often gone long before that. All you have to do is open your eyes and look. Simple... 

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Last modified: Jun 23, 2019